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A 'Final Theory' of God - the latest book from Joseph BH McMillan

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 A ‘Final Theory’ of God shows that science, philosophy and religion are all saying the same thing, only in different ‘tongues’. Joseph BH McMillan, a lawyer by training, subjects the scientific, philosophical and religious evidence for and against God to a rigorous legal methodology, and concludes that on the highest standard of legal proof, the evidence confirms the existence of God beyond a reasonable doubt.

McMillan opens a view to an entirely new philosophical and spiritual landscape by awakening the human spirit to its true moral purpose, and its true moral destiny. Anyone reading this book will never think about science, philosophy and God in the same way again.

But A ‘Final Theory’ of God is not limited to the spiritual. By establishing freedom as the foundation of morality, and the object of justice, this book also has profound national and international constitutional implications. It sets the groundwork for a new social, economic and political disposition.

One of the more striking, but coincidental, aspects of the book is the evidence adduced in respect of what McMillan describes as the “reason delusion” – the delusion that reason can formulate principles of morality and justice. Reason, argues McMillan, can no more devise fundamental principles of morality and justice than it can devise the fundamental principles of physics. It is an argument that is sure to provoke a great deal of debate.

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