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"What the hell are we doing on this vermin-infested piece of rock hurtling through space at high speed?"

That is the question this site seeks to answer.

Latest Articles

Can Conservatives Reverse America’s Liberal Fundamentalist Direction, and Re-establish the Founding Principles of the Constitution? - by Joseph BH McMillan (June, 13, 2014) - Conservatives have a mountain to climb. Before they challenge the Democratic Establishment, they must discipline the Liberal Fundamentalists in the Republican Party ... So their message must be simple and compelling. They must place before the people “the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent.

What is the Actual Basis on which Scientists and their Acolytes declare God Dead? - by Joseph BH McMillan

Origins of the Pursuit of Pleasure - by Joseph BH McMillan

We Consent to be Governed by the Majority? - by Joseph BH McMillan

Joseph BH McMillan reviews The God Argument - The Case against Religion and for Humanism, by AC Grayling - ' ... just another contribution to the singularly undistinguished tradition of the ‘thoroughly mediocre … utilitarian Englishmen’ who walk ‘clumsily and honorably in Bentham’s footsteps’.

The Meaning, and Essential Ingredients, of Marriage - by Joseph BH McMillan

Joseph BH McMillan Reviews The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder

Joseph BH McMillan Reviews The Hidden Face of God by Gerald Schroeder


McMillan, an international lawyer and writer,  shows that there are only Ten Principles which can form the basis of individual and collective freedom. Anything more, or anything less, is an assault on our freedom, and leads to authoritarianism. From these Ten Principles emerge everything we recognize as “morality”. They are the foundation of the entire concept of “obligations”, and thus give substance to the concepts of “justice”, “tolerance”, and “equality”.


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